Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth. II Timothy 2:15 (NASV)

This part of the Scripture Release website presents 24 verses from the Navigator Topical Memory System! It had been a desire of mine for many years to provide a vehicle for memorization of these foundational truths. I hoped to provide an easy way for believers to permanently "glue" the important verses of the faith into their hearts and lives. These 24 verses were carefully and prayerfully chosen many years ago by Dawson Trotman, founder of the Navigators, for use in followup in evangelism ministry.
Of all the songs at the Scripture Release website, these 24 are the verses of first importance! You need to know them... word-for-word, along with their references!

The tunes themselves were designed with the purpose of sharing God's word, i.e. There is no repetition of words or phrases... the song goes straight through each verse twice and ends with the reference. (No more wondering where the verse is found!) The tunes are short, almost like commercial jingles... colorful, each with a unique personality to aid in memorization. Two weeks of listening at home or in your car will implant the Topical Memory System into your life!

The accompaniment tracs of Volume One are included as part of a challenge. The Scripture Release website has been seeing continual growth from English speaking believers from around the world for some time. Here is the proposition:

Any Christian believer who would like to use these accompaniment tracs to create a new version of the Topical Memory System in their own (non-English) language is welcome to use them for that purpose with my blessing.

The only stipulation being that, IF there is to be financial return involved, you must contact me to arrange an agreement. Otherwise,... produce your version, make your cds, mp3s, etc. and distribute them (for free)! Let God be magnified!

The Topical Memory System songs: Group A ~ Live The New Life
Download all 12 songs of Group Amp3

II Corinthians 5:17Lisa Bevill (
Galatians 2:20Michael Mellettmp3pdftrac
Romans 12:1*Michael Mellettmp3pdftrac
John 14:21Scat Springsmp3pdftrac
II Timothy 3:16Tom Lane (
Joshua 1:8Lisa Bevillmp3pdftrac
John 15:7Scat Springsmp3pdftrac
Philippians 4:6&7Michael & Fiona Mellettmp3pdftrac
Matthew 18:20Lisa Bevillmp3pdftrac
Hebrews 10:24,25Michael Mellettmp3pdftrac
Matthew 4:19Lisa Bevillmp3pdftrac
Romans 1:16Lisa Bevillmp3pdftrac
*This song is also available in a Piano/Vocal version in Calls To Worship.
The Topical Memory System songs: Group B ~ Live The New Life
Download all 12 songs of Group Bmp3

Romans 3:23Lisa Bevillmp3pdftrac
Isaiah 53:6Michael Mellettmp3pdftrac
Romans 6:23Tom Lanemp3pdftrac
Hebrews 9:27Kim Hill (
Romans 5:8Michael Mellettmp3pdftrac
I Peter 3:18Michael Mellettmp3pdftrac
Ephesians 2:8,9Tom Lanemp3pdftrac
Titus 3:5Lisa Bevillmp3pdftrac
John 1:12Kim Hillmp3pdftrac
Revelations 3:20Fiona Mellett (
I John 5:13Kim Hillmp3pdftrac
John 5:24Fiona Mellettmp3pdftrac
*This song is also available in a Piano/Vocal version in Calls To Worship.
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All Scripture Release (the Nav TMS) songs were written by: Dave Cook, with two exceptions. Hebrews 9:27 & John 1:12 were written by Michael Demus ©2002 Never The Less Music (ASCAP)